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One of my favorite definitions of magnificent is:
- Impressive to the mind or spirit. - [Merriam-Webster Dictionary].
We often see things that impress our minds, like a new gadget, a new phone or a new car. But how could something be impressive to the spirit? Specially if it's something material.
That's a very deep question with a very deep answer. 
In order for something to become impressive to the spirit it needs to go beyond what the eyes can see, beyond the material realm itself. The products that you will see here have a soul, they have a story that is connected to someones story. For them, they are more than a simple object, they are little parts of themselves.
So, Who Are These Individuals?
It takes a "certain kind of people" to deliver this level of greatness. 
Some of them are amazingly intelligent and famous, you'll probably recognize them, others don't have any credentials whatsoever, in fact, some never went to school and don't even know how to read.
But they all have one thing in common:
They are enablers of a divine purpose. They are all vessels of the one and the same spirit.
What About The Products?
Each and every product presented here will be related directly or indirectly to a meaningful purpose. This "Things" are being used to improve people's, some times even animals life, not just your life.
In every product you buy, a percentage of the profits will go to a great organization that will help a very especial cause.
What is Social Almsing?
Social Almsing is a Mutualistic Symbiotic relationship between social networks and charity (alms). That literally means: "two organisms of different species exist in a relationship in which each individual benefits from the activity of the other".
The Results:
A new social DNA, meaningful lives filled with love, caring, empathy and inclusion.
"It is not a revolution but a evolution of the social media".
Magnificent Things Logo
one and the same spirit
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