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The Most Reliable

Disc-Golf Retriever

Forget Everything You Know About Disc Golf Retrievers





“We believe the disc retriever deserves more respect and attention than what we have seen so far.”


Because discs are the most important piece of the disk-golf sport, without discs there is no game, that’s why we believe that a great disc retriever should be the most essential accessory that a disk golf player should have.

What makes the M-RETRIVER so different from others?


The secret is the Patented Pending Stainless Steel Disc-Trap that was especially designed to "capture" the disc inside until you bring it back to a safe location. The Disc-trap connects to a 14ft stainless steel telescopic pole trough a swivel mount that allows you to pick up discs in many different angles of different terrains and situations.

This pole collapses to an unbelievable 22in size for portability and "the swivel mount" is compatible with most action-cameras in the market, making the M-RETRIEVER an indispensable tool for professional players and their caddies.


    Product Features

  • 14-foot length

  • 20-foot maximum reach

  • Collapses to 22 inches

  • Weighs only 1.2lb

  • Pat. Pending Stainless Disc-Trap

  • Stainless steel shaft

  • Ultra-compact

  • Telescoping shaft allows for convenient portability

  • Compatible with most action cameras

  • Fits on most disc golf backpacks



Designed by disc golfers for disc golfers, a simple design that not only works, but works consistently.

The M-RETRIEVER™ was created in 2006 when I started playing Disk Golf. I used a golf ball retriever pole  and a hanger wire attached with duck tape. For my surprise the design worked and I became a "disc rescue hero". Over the next years the idea was improved by studding the discs structure and lots of tests with many professional disc golfers feed backs. Finally I decided to file for a patent of our final design. Still simple and  ease to use tool, but I know you will love as much as I do!"



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