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EcoSurvivor 3.5mm Audio Cable

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

EcoSurvivor’s braided mesh USB cable decreases tangling, while the additional shielding reduces interference. Inside, nylon fibers act as reinforcement providing added flexibility and durability.


  • 4ft. cord

  • Lightning connector

  • Durable strain relief design withstands over 50,000 bends

  • Braided cable reduces tangling

  • Additional shielding reduces interference

$14.99 Buy It

EcoSurvivor proudly supports Water4 and their mission to see the global water crisis eradicated in this lifetime.

When you buy EcoSurvivor products, you’re making a difference. EcoSurvivor donates 50% of its net proceeds to Water4, a charity that is committed to providing communities in need, access to clean water. With each new well that’s drilled — in some of the most remote, hostile places on Earth — the arrival of clean water improves the health of entire villages, provides dignity and self-reliance, freedom from waterborne disease and death, and the promise of long-term health and food security. Access to clean water is truly the foundation for transforming these communities.

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