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LAVENDER CANDLE by Feya Candle Company

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

The calming experience of walking the fields of the French countryside alongside miles of lavender. A true natural lavender fragrance.

$17.00 Buy It

Feya Candle Co. partners with organizations working to improve communities around the world. We’ve worked with organizations like: Jacob’s Well – Haiti, Haiti Chidren’s Hope, and a community organization in Chontales, Nicaragua. When Feya gives food, we fund the purchasing of meals in the villages we serve – boosting the local economy, and help in any way we can to serve the food to those who need it most. Giving trips are a big part of Feya – we feel honored to connect with the individuals we serve, and don’t stop with food. We make a point to provide our support, kindness, and a helping hand with anything else needed while present in every village.


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