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Mophie Juice Pack Access - Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Battery Case - Made for Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Charge on the go: extra battery when you need it - the built-in battery has enough juice to get you through a long day.Lightning port access: Full access to the Lightning port: With full access to the Lightning port, you can always use your EarPods to listen or talk while you charge.Wireless easy power: The juice pack access battery case is compatible with most wireless chargers.Convenient: wireless and USB-C Input: You can recharge the juice pack access battery case wirelessly or through the USB-C port.Protection: high-impact protection. A tough polycarbonate exterior dissipates impact, helping to protect your iPhone from bumps and drops.

Support (Red): 10% of the retail price from this product purchase will support (RED)’s efforts to fight AIDS through the global Fund.

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